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Creating Truly Amazing Interiors

As leading residential interior designers in Perth, we believe your home should be more than physically beautiful, it should evoke your emotions and be lovable too. That’s why we go beyond producing functional home designs suited to your lifestyle. We also take the time to create stunning interior designs - with you by our side - that enhance your mood and wellbeing for many years to come. find out more →
Kitchen designed by colourcube interiors
bedroom designed by colourcube interiors
bedroom designed by colourcube interiors

Just a few reasons to engage us as your designer

Building or renovating your home?

Here’s a few reasons to contact Colourcube Interiors today for a free consultation about your project.

Exclusive access to quality products and services

Our extensive networks in the Western Australian building, furnishing and homewares industries gives you access to quality and affordable products and services that others find hard to source.

Plan together every step of the way

By taking the time to listen to your ideas and understand your household needs, our collaborative approach ensures you unlock the door to a dream home that exceeds your expectations.

Go green with energy efficient interior designs

Before you submit to council or while your renovation plans are drawn, we can advise on the most sustainable building products, energy efficient designs, and locally sourced building materials to save you money now and in the future

Design and style services suited to your lifestyle

From coastal mansions and country retreats to inner-city apartments and suburban homes, we can help you create functional spaces with bespoke designs that suit your lifestyle, personality and budget.

Let's create something amazing together!

Are you a home builder or renovator in Western Australia? Our comprehensive bespoke interior design services ensure you achieve your dream home that exceeds all expectations

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Colourcube Interiors is a boutique residential interior design firm, located in Perth WA and established in 2012. We specialise in residential interior design and property styling.
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