2023 Interior Style Trends

It’s a new year, and with this, comes a new way of life. Evolution. Evolution in building products, furniture design and fashion!  We all clean out our homes, our wardrobes and look to refresh them with a touch of 2023.

The design and fashion industries are heavily influenced by technology, environment and materials. What is readily available. What is happening in the world, which leads to what we are individually inspired by. We are after all the creators of what we consume.

We appear to have found ourselves in time battling between our love of mass consumerism and a U-turn to locally made, handcrafted artisan products.

With this in mind and the release of covid, the design styles for 2023 are a beautiful tension of old and new. 

An appreciation for handcrafted artisan products, brings an obsession for rough edges, an imperfectness. Each imperfection adds a little character and a little warmth to the  cold lines of clinical contemporary homes we were seeing. 

Could it be our love of travel returning? Or did our isolation of covid, call for people to take a moment away from technology and get back to basics, re-awakening their appreciation of handmade products. 

Whatever it may be, there is a new found synergy of the old and the new. This approach can be seen in our world and will flow through into our homes.

contemporaryNumber ONE. Contemporary… “a style of simplicity, where less is more, is here to stay for its sense of ease and tranquility we each so deeply desire from our homes.” We’ll begin to see contemporary sweep through some of our more traditional and bold styles, breathing a sense of ease into our home environments.

Colour in contemporary styles is tonal and muted to reduce the noise colour can bring into a space. In any home, you need a portion of blank space and in contemporary interiors this is pivotal.

Image (R) – Riverstone Residence by Tim Ditchfield Architects.

Number TWO. Laidback Luxury… “a style blending luxury with a comforting contemporary twist.”  With furniture collections driving the way forward for what we have available to fill our homes, they offer function and aesthetic. 

Currently in furniture collections we are seeing a sense of heightened luxury in each piece. With technological advances pushing the boundaries, we see some truly incredible proportions of form and shape in modern furniture design. The materiality also brings a modern twist on some traditional favourites, the rich velvets, soft suede and bouclè are back babeh!

These pieces bring an element of sophistication into our homes. Together we see a heightened and more interesting design style; a balance of earthy tones with brighter bolder pops of colour birth the synergy of this restrained luxury. 

Number THREE. Coastal… “a style that houses the essence of a sea breeze.” The colours, textures and tones all taken from the coastline, are easily re-interpreted creating tranquility.

In 2023, if you’re a lover of the ocean and are craving a coastal style in your home. We challenge you to push the boundaries. Coastal is a versatile style which will continue to wash over our homes for years to come. 

We will continue to be surrounded and designers all over the world take inspiration from the big blue. From the contemporary coastal, to the coastal hamptons, the classic coastal shack and the coastal luxe… let the evolution continue.

Number FOUR. Modernism Mediterranean… “a style that bears the best of both worlds, blending a modern day luxury with hand carved wooden doors.” With moments of rich earthy tones and organic warm whites, an organic simplicity is born.

This style has been re-hatched from covid impacting our lack of travel and ability to see the world. Featuring solid timber, wrought iron and terracotta tiles, brings a slice of Europe into our Australian backyards.  

A lot of products are manufactured in Europe, or close by. European products are traditionally locally made using artisan techniques, making these materials truly authentic.

With this return to handmade, heightens our appreciation for artisan techniques in our homes.

Each style is here to evolve.  We never know what’s around the corner, so let’s wait and see what truly inspires us and takes shape in 2023.

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Are you ready to create something amazing?

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