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Our Story

Creating exciting, innovative and functional interior designs is our specialty – what can we say? we’re people pleasers.

Colourcube Interiors was created in 2012, offering those looking to build or renovate their homes in Western Australia, a fresh approach to high-end residential interior design.  

With a list of service options, we’ll make sure you leave your feelings of stress and overwhelm at the door.

You’ll get to experience a truly collaborative and exciting journey towards designing and creating the interior of your dreams, connecting you to the process of design and selection of furniture which will tell your family’s story for years to come. 

Under my creative direction, our team of talented interior designers work closely with clients like you, to achieve your vision for your home with our personalised design and styling services.  These services can be customised and take into consideration your style, desired sustainability level, functionality and your budget. 

ColourCube Interiors has over 10 years’ experience working in Perth’s competitive building and design industry.

We specialise in not only achieving your desired look and outcome, but can guide you through the early stages of planning, making the most of each rooms design & function to avoid costly modifications down the track.

Browse our portfolio today and be inspired to create beautiful liveable spaces. 

With ColourCube Interiors by your side, you’ll be able to design and bring to life every room in your home, ensuring they complement your style,  and perfectly reflect the character of you and your home.

We’re not just here to make your house a home.  We’re here to make your house the best home in the street.



Founder and Creative Director

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