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Buy once, buy well

One thing I hear clients often say is “I’m going to buy a cheap piece of furniture to get us by, because I can’t find what I want.”

This is a waste of money and time all at the expense of our environment. Because, lets face it, cheap furniture ends up in landfill. The manufacturing process of some mass produced furniture suppliers is anything but environmentally friendly. 

You need to consider not only where the product is going to end up, but how it started, how it was manufactured and what impact that has on our environment. 

Many manufacturers have come along way to not only be environmentally friendly but carbon neutral. They achieve this by reducing consumption and using renewable resources, using sustainably sourced materials and looking at the life cycle of a product.

We are proud to have relationships with a number of suppliers who are sustainable and who have achieved certification for this.

You can access our recommended list of furniture and homewares suppliers through our Supplier Guide e-book

Are you ready to create something amazing?

Are you ready to create something amazing?

You may not be the most creative person, or maybe you’re not exactly sure what’s possible for your space.
Together, our team of interior designers will ensure you achieve a dream interior that’s perfect for you and your family and exceeds all expectations. 

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