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Industry Online Course

Construction Knowledge for interior design

We are thrilled to be presenting this exciting online course for Building & Design industry professionals. Whether you’re studying, working in the building industry or as an interior designer, this course is jam packed with industry relevant information.

Join us as Kristie Hill, Interior Designer, shares her wealth of knowledge from 15 years in the industry. From construction and building jargon through to how to design unique and individual homes easily for builders to interpret efficiently and with ease. You’ll come away feeling more skilled to succeed in your role and full of industry knowledge usually only the builders know.

Module 1 – Building Product Technical Knowledge

This module contains 30 video lessons jam packed with relevant, up to date industry information about:

  • Exterior and Interior materials and product selections
  • Resources, downloads, links and how to videos in each lesson
  • “Builders standards” what they are, and what upgrades to expect
  • What you need to know to design, the technical part and also what you need to specify for the builder or trade and what to discuss with your client
  • We refer to all the major suppliers, manufacturers and give you contacts to our preferred trades in Perth
  • We cover sustainable products, carbon neutral manufacturers so you are more educated on your product choices

Module 2 – How to read plans like an architect (coming soon)

  • We cover everything you need to be able to read and articulate to a client the design of their home
  • We teach you how to decipher window sizes and layouts
  • We walk through electrical layout and discuss how to design this
  • We delve deep into cabinetry design and tiling layouts
  • We talk about two storey homes and what you need to know that’s important
  • We discuss home design trends and what everyone should incorporate
  • We discuss what you can and cant change on plans and how this affects everyone involved
  • We discuss the theory of solar passive design and the upcoming 7 star energy ratings

Module 3 – Working with builders, what you need to know.

  • This course will guide you through reading all the builders documentation and making selections and design easy for the builder. One thing I have learnt over the years is that builders are a great way of gaining repeat work. And if the process is too hard for them, they won’t recommend you again
  • We cover reading the builders specifications and addenda
  • We provide a downloadable specification template that’s easy to decipher for both you, the client and the builder
  • We cover what documentation you will need, when, and why

Module 4 – How to design a functional home for your client

  • One of the most important elements of interior design, is practicality. We delve into our most functional tips and products
  • We provide you with a downloadable checklist to consider while designing your homes

Module 5 – How to host a Prestart meeting like an expert

  • We wrap up the end of the course with a module that brings this all together
  • We discuss the order of the prestart meeting
  • We provide an easy downloadable checklist to refer to during your meetings so nothing is left out
  • We define the “Prestart Variation” and teach you how to write one effectively
  • We discuss “mark ups” and the best way to present them
  • And we discuss the administration paper trail. What are the biggest mistakes and how to overcome them

When you join the academy you will get:

  • Unlimited, lifetime access to our course content, so you can refer back to it at any time
  • Our online course is available 365 days a year, 24/7, you can complete the course at your own pace and in your own home
  • A resource toolkit and reference guide to print or electronically which you will refer to on a daily basis
  • Access to our Facebook Community, where you can ask questions as you go, meet likeminded industry professionals and network to land your dream job
  • Exclusive invites to industry events and in person product training sessions
  • Opportunities to jump onto Live Zoom meetings to ask questions in person and chat to others in the Academy!

Why is this course different to others?

  • This is the first course of its kind in WA. No other course (formal or otherwise) provides the content and training that we are, and the depth that we go into. We have found there is a gap between entering the building industry (even with a design qualification) and what you actually need to know
  • The Academy give unbiased, unsponsored information. Meaning we don’t get kickbacks from any suppliers to promote their brand. Its purely organic and well informed
  • There is no Prestart Training Course in Perth. This will completely level up your industry knowledge and educate you to be the best Prestart consultant for your clients AND your employer

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who has studied, currently studying or about to study interior design, building design, drafting and wants to gain more Construction Knowledge
  • Any Sales, Construction Admin or Prestart Consultant, regardless of years experience they have, wants to gain more knowledge and improve their customer service offering to their clients or apply for that dream job! This course will give you years of experience in an easy online course!
  • Anyone wanting to get that dream job in the building industry. There will be plenty of networking opportunities within our Facebook Group!
  • Anyone who is currently an interior designer, wants to work on more residential projects, or wants to start their own interior design business. This course will give you the back end knowledge of how to work with builders

What will you gain by completing this course?

  • Years worth of experience and knowledge about the residential building industry in one online course
  • Open up more job prospects in the industry by having higher wealth of knowledge than others
  • Nail that interview/promotion in a design role or Prestart role at a building company
  • Have more confidence when meeting with clients, understanding their plans, paperwork and being able to provide them with first class service and design knowledge
  • Be part of a design community that supports each other
  • Confidence in working solo and independently on your own projects
  • Save time researching and sourcing information

Sign me up for the course

Sign me up for the course

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