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Industry Online Course

Construction Knowledge for interior design

We are thrilled to be presenting this exciting online course for industry professionals. Whether you’re studying, working in the building industry or as an interior designer, this course is one not to be missed!

Join us as Kristie Hill, Interior Designer, shares her wealth of knowledge from 15 years in the industry. From construction and building jargon through to how to design unique and individual homes easily for builders to interpret efficiently and with ease. You’ll come away feeling more skilled to succeed in your role or confident to gain employment in the industry.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Construction and Building Products Knowledge (WA for Exteriors and Interiors)
  • How to read plans
  • How to read a builders specification and addenda
  • What are builders “standard” selections and amendments
  • Standard dimensions for building products
  • What are developers guidelines and how to navigate them
  • 7 Star energy ratings – what you need to know as an interior designer
  • The home building process from Sales to Construction

Who is this Interior Design course for?

  • Anyone who has studied, or is currently studying interior design and wants to gain more construction knowledge
  • Who wants to open up their prospects to gaining employment in the design industry
  • Who wants to start their own interior design business and is lacking construction knowledge
  • Working for a builder and would like to upskill their construction knowledge
  • Who would like to move into a interior design role in residential building
  • Who is considering studying interior design and would like to know the technical information before they do

What will be provided to me during the course?

  • 30 + recorded modules including downloadable resources to complete the course
  • 365 day access, 24/7 to complete the course at your own pace
  • A downloadable and printable booklet of the course content including checklists and product cheat sheets for you to refer to on a day to day basis
  • A private community facebook group to ask questions, meet other designers and network job opportunities
  • A weekly live webinar to meet other designers face to face, ask questions directly to me and get answered as you complete the course

What will you gain by completing this course?

  • Years worth of experience and knowledge about the residential building industry in one online course
  • Open up more job prospects in the interior design industry by having high wealth of knowledge than others
  • Nail that interview/promotion in a design role or Prestart role at a building company
  • Have more confidence  when meeting with clients, understanding their plans, paperwork and being able to provide them with first class service and design knowledge
  • Be a part of a design community that supports each other! 

Bonus Prestart Modules

You will be given the opportunity to package this course with our BONUS Prestart Modules. 

In these BONUS Modules we cover advanced knowledge of Prestart including:

How to write a variation accurately

How to present documentation to a builder with excellent attention to detail

101 things to discuss with a client at the prestart meeting to ensure you are giving top notch customer service and making each home as functional as possible. 

Register for the Course

Register for the Course

Follow the link below to register for the online course.

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