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Bunbury Restoration


Originally built in 1901, the home had undergone a few renovations over the past 120 years, the latest being an extension to the family room in the 80s.  Needless to say it was after some much-needed cosmetic updates and lots of love. This home was featured in Home Beautiful as a full house tour. 


Bespoke Renovation Design Service


Our brief was to keep the look country to compliment the exterior homestead design. We worked closely with the family of 4 to design and specify all interiors and furnishings for this incredible restoration, including sourcing natural materials which were low in VOC’s and chemicals, to nurture the family’s desired environmentally sustainable eco-conscious health and wellbeing.


Showcasing a modern take on country living, the proud family of 4 adore their restored home that suits their lifestyle and sustainable living values.

Are you ready to create something amazing?

Are you ready to create something amazing?

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Together, our team of interior designers will ensure you achieve a dream interior that’s perfect for you and your family and exceeds all expectations. 

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