Mosman Park Styling Project


Bespoke Furniture Package


To bring new life into this much loved family home and create a contemporary and classic aesthetic.


A warm and inviting home to gather and entertain achieved with new window treatments, built in cabinetry, wall paneling, custom upholstery and carefully curated furniture and homewares to create personality in each of the rooms. 

My house was in desperate need of a redo. I didn’t feel confident to take on the project myself as it was such a massive undertaking and I didn’t have the expertise so I contacted Kristie. Kristie explained how the process worked and I knew she could create a home we would love for many years to come. I realised I would avoid unnecessary expense and was also fortunate enough to benefit from Kristie’s industry rates for my purchases and have access to all of her expert trades. Part of the process was Kristie presenting 3D layouts for each of the room along with samples helped me visualise each room and this part of the process was so beneficial. The complete process was seamless and for me it was stress free. Everytime I walk in the door I look around in awe. Kristie and her team have created a dream home for me and my girls. I can’t thank Kristie and her team enough and I highly recommend them to help you create a dream home too.

Are you ready to create something amazing?

Are you ready to create something amazing?

You may not be the most creative person, or maybe you’re not exactly sure what’s possible for your space.
Together, our team of interior designers will ensure you achieve a dream interior that’s perfect for you and your family and exceeds all expectations. 

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