Jolimont Styling Project


Bespoke Furniture & Styling Package


Modern meets vintage; the design brief for our Jolimont project. With the clients having moved into a new and modern home, we were briefed with the design challenge of incorporating their extensive art collection and treasured vintage pieces with a modern and contemporary interior.


A stunning transformation showcasing the clients exquisite and sentimental art, sculptures and heirloom treasures. Tastefully considered furniture to pair back with their pre-loved pieces and extensive custom cabinetry to provide practical design solutions.

We moved from a federation home in to a contemporary one and while we knew what we liked we needed some expert guidance and advice to bring our vision to reality.

That’s where Colourcube stepped in - accepting our challenge of curating our loved art work and vintage pieces in to a contemporary home that would feel warm and inviting, practical yet polished. A home to relax in, a home to entertain in. We love the furnishings chosen and bespoke cabinetry they designed. We love that they listened and understood us, weaving together the vintage and contemporary elements to create the home we had imagined.

Thank you Kristie and Jess for your enthusiasm, professionalism, attention to detail and constant positivity.

Are you ready to create something amazing?

Are you ready to create something amazing?

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