Top tips for a beautiful, functional bathroom

1. When it comes to the Bathroom we are often limited for space so the best option is to maximise your storage in the Bathroom, therefore storage in a bathroom is key! I love the look and function of drawers in bathrooms and there is no reason why your entire cabinetry cant be drawers (even under the sinks). Drawers under the sink works best with above counter basins.

2. Remember not all cabinets need to be floating (which adds a huge expense) therefore why not raise the tiled kick to 300mm and you can then recess it back as far as possible. By doing this, it will give the illusion of a floating cabinet without the expense.

3. Lighting in the bathroom is also as important but make it a feature of the bathroom. Wall lights in bathrooms are so hot right now! Make sure you make an allowance for them (there are so many amazing options and designs out there). However, not sure what height they should sit? I usually make them right in the centre of your mirror height.

4. Mirrors – A focal point in a bathroom is the mirror and why stay with a standard mirror? Feature mirrors are hot right now too! Some options that you can look for are round, oval, curved, arched and organic shaped mirrors. You’ve decided you want a features mirror but don’t know what size they should be? They shouldn’t be taller than about 2100mm and they should sit approx. 250mm above the counter. So have a measure of your bathroom and this should give you the right dimensions.

5. Bet you haven’t thought about a power point IN the drawer! Why not add a power point in the drawer. It is a clever, smart solution to house your hair tools and keep them tucked away and not out on the counter when in use. A smart but effective tip when designing or renovating your bathroom.

6. Did you know that you need to match your tapware colour to your lighting, shower screens, handles to ensure continuity through the room.

7. Heated Towel Rails are a MUST! No more wet towels for days especially in Winter! We highly recommend that this is worth the investment if the budget permits and you will thank us when your towels are nice and warm (and dry).

8. One that no one will tell you about is to include an air conditioner vent for the ultimate indulgence! This means that your bathroom (when getting ready) is cool in Summer, warm and cosy in Winter.

9. Tiling – if the budget permits, full height tiling is the key! If not, you can always opt for tiling for half-height walls, and when you do, make the wall tiles a real feature in a terrazzo!

10. To finish off your half-height wall tiles use an aluminium strip where the tiles end. It’s a nice way to add detail and hide those ugly painted wall tiles.

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Are you ready to create something amazing?

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