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The power of colour

Colour is powerful in form and in beauty.

Our world is full of colour. The most beautiful colours naturally occur in nature. We associate colour with the foods we eat, to latest fashion, everything embodies colour.

Just as smells can take you back in time, so can colour. Colour has the ability to affect the human body both physically and emotionally. Colour psychology looks into the science behind the relationship of colour and emotion. 

Interior Design considers colour not just for the aesthetic, but the psychological and physical effects of using particular colours in your home will benefit you. We look at how this interplay of colour and emotion can be best considered in the vision for our interior environments. 

Have you ever entered a room and felt overjoyed, a lightness surrounding you? Or have you ever walked into a space and immediately felt a sense of rage wash over you?

If you look at your home right now, is there a room that makes you feel a certain way? Now I want you to take a step back and take notice of the colours incorporated in this room, how do they make you feel in relation to colour psychology.

Commonly, reds bring sensitivity, awareness and excitement into your home. It can be a strong and serious energy, bringing passion into a space.

Orange reminds us of vitamin C, its energy and invites engagement into your space. It brings attraction, warmth, desire and creativity into your home, stimulating motivation. 

Yellow fills a space with sunshine, it lightens and brightens. Bringing joy, energy and a zest for life, yellow oozes positivity into spaces uplifting occupants.

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Harmony, security and a sense of ease can be introduced into your home through green tones. Green is nature, it’s organic, fresh and fertile, green invigorates you. We highly recommend a little green in plant form in every room.

Tranquility, elegance and wisdom can be brought in through the use of blue tones. Calming and slowing, blue is bliss. Use blue tones to wash your home with moments of sanctuary, mimicking the waves of the ocean. 

Feelings of royalty and luxury are created through purple. Bringing mystery and drama, purple is sophisticated. Adding interest and an element of the unexpected, purple keeps you inspired.

For a feminine and compassionate space look at vibrant or pastel pinks. Pink is nurturing, a motherly touch, it softens and adds character to your home.Applecross home renovation girls bedroom

Despite these generalised associations, it’s important to acknowledge what you may find uplifting, another may find overwhelming. This is why we tailor design colour schemes to you and your family personally.

Just like anything, too much of one colour can have a negative impact, we’re all about balance and introducing colour strategically within your home. Pattern and texture are a colour’s best friend and just as important in creating depth and interest!

Your home is where you go to retreat, entertain and at the moment for a lot of us, it’s merging into our work space too! It’s important to acknowledge the lifestyle you lead and what you need from your home. We’re a product of our environment, so just if you surround yourself with negative people you will feel tired and drained. Your home follows the same principle, 10 fold. 

Begin to look at your home, as an extension of you. Your home should not only be a reflection of you, your home should facilitate your lifestyle and needs. Colour is crucial in creating a physical space that maximises functionality as well as the psychological and emotional space required to facilitate your needs.

Cure the colours in your home and you’ll see drastic changes in the way you feel, the way your family engages and overall household dynamic.

Make your home your happy place, a space you are proud of and can exhale your day as soon as you step foot in your home! Start by considering how you want to feel in your space and select a colour that has this psychological power.

If you’d like a little guidance, book a free discovery call to begin your journey to a colourful life and a home you adore.

Are you ready to create something amazing?

Are you ready to create something amazing?

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