Focus on Design Trends for 2022

A common question is why do trends move so fast?

Because everything is accessible so easily. the internet, online shopping, instagram and influencers have changed our landscape of design and trends considerably quick.

Think back to some large design movements such as Art Deco, Mid Century Modern, these trends lasted for 30 + years.

The 80’s was about reinvention, no more timber on timber, it was about minimalism, light bright white spaces since this was completely lacking in the mid century modern era.

The internet was then accessible in the 90’s and soon we were able to access design from all over the world. Design wasn’t limited to a country, it was now being influenced world wide. Slowly the trends became faster and faster and in the past say 10 years, they seem to evolve YEARLY!

So how do you avoid a trend?

Well you don’t! It’s impossible. Everything you buy, from homewares, furniture, lighting, fashion, food, everything is a “trend”! Some last longer than others, that’s a given, and with people investing more in their home rather than say a food trend, then we tend to tread a little lighter.

But the problem with trying to avoid a “trend” is that you end up buying something totally outdated! The scene in The Devil Wears Prada is a prime example of this. Remember, the assistant who was “above fashion” thinking she had control over what she bought, where in fact, she had no idea that the horrible blue sweater she decided to buy cheap from Walmart was in fact on the runway 5 years ago and it took that long to trickle down the fashion line to mass produced products.

So whats my advice on this? Find a “trend” that you can fall in love with, embrace it. Acknowledge that you might spend money on it now, BUT if you really really love it, you will love it for more years to come. There will be longevity in buying something on trend rather than buying something YOU think is timeless and not dated.

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Are you ready to create something amazing?

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