Squash Resale and Add Value to your home in 2023

Resale.  A term that has merit, however it is commonly overused. Defined as the sale of a thing previously bought. 

Consumer law, as soon as you buy something, the value immediately depreciates. With a home being a large purchase in life, sales showcased the idea of spending to add value that is idealised to return value, returning dollars to your back pocket. 

Unfortunately this term is driving decisions that are affecting the building, architecture and design industry. You will learn, this push to add resale value is inevitably affecting the little moments in your home.

The first point of realisation is that every home is not an investment. That’s ok. We believe in focusing on adding value to your home instead of resale value. 

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If you focus on adding value to your home, value that you appreciate, that facilitates your everyday life. These design considerations should organically add resale value without devaluing your needs and compromising your happiness.

Building, or renovating with a focus purely on resale value has the potential to devalue your everyday life, it may lessen your enjoyment in your home and in turn impact your happiness. 

Take a moment and ask yourself… “why am I designing or renovating my home to cater to someone else’s needs in 10 years?”

Who knows, after all that time – your situation may change and you could remain in your home.  What a disappointment to look back and see that you spent your money on creating a dream home of a future resale buyer that ended up being YOU. 


Our homes are our security, they are our sacred space of retreat and they transform into restaurants and dance floors to capture the celebrations of life.  You are designing your environment to complete our daily rituals, all of which are so deeply personal. Everyone’s lifestyles are unique. 

Our homes are also a reflection of you, the time – a point in history. The colours, materials available and how elements are selected capture the essence of you and your family. 

Our homes are constantly adapting to our needs which are heavily influenced by the technological advances of society.

We bring you into the now, not the future. 

We don’t always need to be focusing on the next, we need to enjoy the now. 

A principle that you can apply to many areas of your life…

We challenge you to reframe your needs. Live in the moment and spend on adding value to your home for your own benefit. Let’s turn to creating a home you can enjoy right NOW. 

With considered Interior Design, the value you add to your home should organically return a small fortune into your back pocket when you decide to move on. 

And if it doesn’t, can you really put a price tag on your everyday happiness ?

If you’d like a little guidance, book a free discovery call to begin your journey to add value to your home.

Are you ready to create something amazing?

Are you ready to create something amazing?

You may not be the most creative person, or maybe you’re not exactly sure what’s possible for your space.
Together, our team of interior designers will ensure you achieve a dream interior that’s perfect for you and your family and exceeds all expectations. 

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