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2023 Interior Style Trends

ColourCubeMay222025 Edit

It’s a new year, and with this, comes a new way of life. Evolution. Evolution in building products, furniture design and fashion!  We all clean out our homes, our wardrobes and look to refresh them with a touch of 2023. The design and fashion industries are heavily influenced by technology, environment and materials. What is […]

Squash Resale and Add Value to your home in 2023

ColourCubeMay221949 Edit 1

Resale.  A term that has merit, however it is commonly overused. Defined as the sale of a thing previously bought.  Consumer law, as soon as you buy something, the value immediately depreciates. With a home being a large purchase in life, sales showcased the idea of spending to add value that is idealised to return […]

The power of colour

Applecross home renovation girls bedroom

Colour is powerful in form and in beauty. Our world is full of colour. The most beautiful colours naturally occur in nature. We associate colour with the foods we eat, to latest fashion, everything embodies colour. Just as smells can take you back in time, so can colour. Colour has the ability to affect the […]

Buy once, buy well

Applecross Home Project - Colourcube Interiors, Perth WA

One thing I hear clients often say is “I’m going to buy a cheap piece of furniture to get us by, because I can’t find what I want.” This is a waste of money and time all at the expense of our environment. Because, lets face it, cheap furniture ends up in landfill. The manufacturing […]

‘Hamptons’ is the most overused word in design

Bunbury Renovation Bathroom e1658130078791

Every home I see, every post I see somehow has an affiliation with the word “Hamptons”. I like to think its the biggest Australian Architectural movement since Mid Century Modern in the 70s. Hamptons is an exclusive suburb outside of New York State where the wealthy of wealthy have holiday homes. The Hamptons achitectural movement […]

Focus on Design Trends for 2022

ColourCubeMay222055 Edit

A common question is why do trends move so fast? Because everything is accessible so easily. the internet, online shopping, instagram and influencers have changed our landscape of design and trends considerably quick. Think back to some large design movements such as Art Deco, Mid Century Modern, these trends lasted for 30 + years. The […]

We love custom furniture


As Interior Designers, we love designing our own furniture and having pieces custom made for our clients homes.   Here’s why: It’s locally made and it’s so important to support Western Australian local businesses in these times. We can be creative, imagining a space and not being able to source the right furniture is frustrating. We […]

All about Wall Panelling

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Elevate your home and create a feature with the latest interior trend, wall panelling. With so many finishes and styles on offer, it’s a contemporary, affordable, and easy solution for a style refresh. Here at Colourcube Interiors, we often include wall panelling in our projects to add instant personality, colour, pattern, and texture into any […]

Top design trend forecasts for 2022


I absolutely love getting involved with trend forecasting and researching what the design forecast is looking like for the following year in colour palettes, homewares, and overall style brief changes. I’ve researched with the likes of Dulux and Bree Leech, Globewest, Scarlet Opus and Jardan to see what the biggest international and Australian trend forecasts […]

Top Front Door Trends

Top Front Door Trends - Colourcube Interiors, Perth WA

There are two main styles of homes currently that we are all infatuated with: A real Minimalist Contemporary exterior and a Classic Victorian Heritage home and the stand out piece for these exteriors are the front doors. Here are my top design tips for front doors and how to achieve them: The new Plain front […]

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